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Jyosilpsycho-hub is one of the largest online free psychology education websites, which enables students to learn at their own pace. The main goal is to improve teaching methods by implementing and adding new innovative and advanced technologies so that you can stay one step ahead of the platform.

Psychological MCQ

Psychology MCQ

In this section, you can able to practice various content related to psychology and different chapters of psychology multiple choice questions.

Psychological Test

Psychological Test

Psychological tests are written, visual or oral assessments designed to assess the cognitive and emotional functions of the client or patient.


Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is the field of psychology that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and other problem behavior patterns.


My name is Jyosil Kumar Bhol. I am a professional clinical psychologist and web developer and Content writer. I currently live in Cuttack, Orissa, India. I am a undergraduate (Topper) and postgraduate courses (Topper) in clinical psychology. I am currently studying for a Master of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology (M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology) at the Sri Ram Chandra Banja Medical College and Hospital in the Institute of Mental Health (Centre of Excellence) in Orissa, India. In my spare time, I study the psychology of human-computer interface and human-computer interaction. I am both motivated and self-motivated, and I constantly try new technologies. I am passionate about web development and content writers, and strive to make myself a developer and professional clinical psychologist.

Psychology MCQ

MCQs on Human Development

Human Development

01. Who stated that at each stages of life human being facing a specific psychosocial dilema ? James Goleman Erik…


01. Which of the following is an assumption of arousal theory ? Zero level of arousal is the most desirable.…
Biological Bases of Behaviour (Jyosilpsycho-hub)

Biological Bases of Behaviour

01. The sense of smell depends on the ________ lobe. parietal frontal occipital temporal Show Answer ANSWER: Frontal 02. Which…
Memory (Jyosilpsycho-hub-website)

Human Memory

01. The definition of memory is that it is an active system that receives, organizes, and stores information. discards old…
Learning (Jyosilpsycho-hub-websites)


01. Learning is best defined as a permanent change in behavior due to physical development. any change in behavior caused…

Psychological Test

Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices (jyosilpsycho-hub)
Standard Progressive Matrices
Population: Ages 6 to adult. Score: Percentile ranks. Time: (45) minutes. Author: Dr. John C. Raven. Publisher: U.S. Distributor: The…
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