Human Development MCQs

Human Development

01. Who stated that at each stages of life human being facing a specific psychosocial dilema ? James Goleman Erik Erikson Sigmund Freud Lawrence Kohlberg Show Answer ANSWER: Erik Erikson 02. Lack of bowel control in children is called as enuresis. analism. encopresis. anorexia nervosa. Show Answer ANSWER: Encopresis 03. According to Erikson, in the…

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01. Which of the following is an assumption of arousal theory ? Zero level of arousal is the most desirable. High levels of arousal are the most desirable. Optimal levels of arousal exist for each person. Optimal levels of arousal exist for various activities. None of the above Show Answer ANSWER: Optimal levels of arousal…

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MCQ on Rorschach Inkblot test 3

MCQ on Rorschach Inkblot Test 3

01. In which year Rorschach Inkblot Test was published ? 1879 1910 1921 1922 Show Answer ANSWER:1921 02. Which of the following is not a projective test ? SIS TAT MMPI DAPT Show Answer ANSWER: MMPI 03. Which of the following indices can be observed in an organic patient ? Perplexity, Impotence, Perseveration, Automatic Phrases…

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Biological Bases of Behaviour (Jyosilpsycho-hub)

Biological Bases of Behaviour

01. The sense of smell depends on the ________ lobe. parietal frontal occipital temporal Show Answer ANSWER: Frontal 02. Which of the following is most closely associated with language comprehension? Aphasia Agnosia Broca’s area Wernicke’s area Show Answer ANSWER: Wernicke’s area 03. The reflex control center can be used for important life functions, such as…

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Memory (Jyosilpsycho-hub-website)

Human Memory

01. The definition of memory is that it is an active system that receives, organizes, and stores information. discards old information. decays information. filters all incoming information. Show Answer ANSWER: Stores information 02. The process of holding information in memory is referred to as storage. retrieval. encoding. organization. Show Answer ANSWER: Storage 03. The storage…

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Learning-Jyosilpsycho-hub (website)


01. Learning is best defined as a permanent change in behavior due to physical development. any change in behavior caused by punishment. any change in behavior. a relatively permanent change in behavior due to past experience. Show Answer ANSWER: a relatively permanent change in behavior due to past experience 02. In Pavlov’s experiments with dogs,…

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